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Welcome to Stackhouse & BluEsoterica

Welcome to the website world of BluEsoterica Archives & Productions, Mail Order, Stackhouse Recording Company, Drop Top Music, and Jim O'Neal. This archival, production, consultation, research, publishing, media, and mail order enterprise is dedicated to the esoteric appreciation of the blues, as well as to buying, selling, and trading all sorts of records, with an eye for the obscure and unusual.

If you want to read or write about some new, obscure, or overlooked details on blues, I launched this website also as a research forum for such ramblings and musings. If you have something you want to ask or discuss or spout off about, send it in. When I can get it together, I also still write a BluEsoterica column in that magazine down in Mississippi I helped start a year or 37 ago called Living Blues ( See the expanded Howlin' Wolf interview at The Voice of the Blues page here from the first issue of LB, along with the corrections, additions and updates to the book of Living Blues interviews, The Voice of the Blues. (By the way, Living Blues has reprinted issue No. 1, available from this site for $10.00 plus postage & handling.)

I have a knack for co-founding struggling blues entities, including Living Blues Magazine, Rooster Blues Records, and the Sunflower River Blues Association. I no longer own Rooster Blues, and most folks would say this is a great time NOT to be in the blues record business. On the other hand, with CD sales and work for blues artists in general at a low ebb, the need has never been greater. So, I can't help but take the plunge again with a new record label, Stackhouse Recording Company. There's no money behind this venture, as usual, so new CDs can only be released after enough money has come in from sales of the previous ones. I'll take on an investor or partner if someone wants to take a chance on a good cause, but you can also help out if you're just here to buy records. Visit our online catalogue and check out the books, magazines, CDs, LPs, 45s, 78s, and musical memorabilia. I buy and sell soul, R&B, funk, jazz, country, folk, world/ethnic, gospel, soundtrack, and rock 'n' roll records as well as blues.

Thanks to the friends who have been helping out, in Kansas City and Clarksdale, including Brenda Haskins, Nancy Kossman, James "Superwolf" Trotter, Renee Bassett, Joni "Woman" Mayberry, Philadelphia Jerry Ricks, Nancy Klein, and Charles "Rags" Ragsdell, who is responsible for the latest website design and online ordering system -- and of course also to the resident gremlins, mail order helpers who hold packages while we stand in line at the post office, and music critics who inform me when "stupid" music comes on the radio or CD player, Dela O'Neal (age 11) and Louis O'Neal (age 9).

Our site features:
The Voice of the Blues Page: The Voice of the Blues book additions & corrections; Muddy Waters' First Chicago Record; Howlin' Wolf Interview
Mail Order Catalogue: Blues, R&B/Soul/Funk, Rock 'n' Roll, Country, Jazz, Gospel, Soundtracks, and World Music: CDs, LPs, 45s, 78s, blues books, magazines & memorabilia
BluEsoterica Archives & Productions Archival and Documentary Projects, Presentations
Stackhouse Recording Company news and new CD releases
BluEsoterica Research Forum: Research -- Trivia - Blues Mysteries: Join in the latest discoveries, musings, postulations, and ramblings on our minds and yours. Please e-mail us with your questions, answers, and comments.
Recommended: Events, Artists, Recordings, Websites, Booking Contacts

HELP WANTED: INTERN/VOLUNTEER We're looking for someone who enjoys working with old vinyl, listing records on the computer. We also need data entry, cataloguing, and filing assistance to manage our archives. (See BluEsoterica Archives & Productions page.) We have many interview tapes that need to be transcribed; anyone with a good ear for Southern blues dialect who wants to assist, please contact us. One day maybe we can get a grant to pay someone to do some of this archival work, but it's a volunteer job for now.

See "Productions" ("Services") page for opportunities to work with us on our archives and record productions.

SITE SEARCH MISSPELLINGS: This is for those who've tried to search the web for us under various permutations of BluEsoterica. If you've searched for Bluesoeteria, Bluesoteria, Bluesesoterica, Blusoterica, Bluesotarica, Blusotarica, Bluesotaria, Bluesotrca, Bluesotrica, Bluestrica, Blues Esoterica, Bluesamerica, Blueserotica, Bluesetcetera, Bluesadnauseam . . . you've found us!

Jim O'Neal, 3516 Holmes Street, Kansas City MO 64109. (816) 931-0383
Research e-mail: Mail order e-mail: Online order/auction sales: Visit our online catalogue at , as well as on eBay (Seller ID: Stackhouse232); at, and at

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