Tuesday, September 26, 2006

78s for sale: blues, R&B, old-time, jazz, dance bands

We have thousands more 78s, but this is all we've been able to list so far! (If you live in the Kansas City area and want to help us list records, please contact us.)

STACKHOUSE Mail Order Catalog 2006
3516 Holmes St.
Kansas City, MO 64109
(816) 931-0383

All items subject to availability. Let us know what you want to order and we will invoice you for the total. Or you may send payment with your order and we will send refunds for any items that are unavailable.

Payment: Checks or money orders in U.S. dollars; PayPal, Western Union, or MoneyGram; cash by registered mail. PayPal e-mail: Stackhouse232@aol.com. Credit card customers please use PayPal, Western Union or BidPay. Send orders to: Stackhouse, 3516 Holmes St., Kansas City, MO 64109.

Postage & handling (USA) for one 45, EP, LP, CD, cassette, book, photo, or magazine: $3.75; each additional record, cassette or magazine $1.00; each additional book $2.50. 78 rpm records: As above, plus $2.00 additional packing charge per box. Books, LPs, 78s, and magazines sent by media mail unless first class/priority is requested at a higher rate.

Insurance: USA: $1.35 for up to $50.00 insurance; $2.30 for $100.00 insurance; $1.05 per each additional $100.00. Required on purchases of $50 or more in the USA.

Air mail postage & handling for foreign buyers for one 78: $15 Canada, $24.50 UK, Europe & South America, $30 Australia & Japan. Each additional 78: $2.00 Canada; $4.00 European continent; $5.00 UK, Australia & Japan.

Records are visually graded by VJM CONDITION CODES per VJM’s Jazz & Blues Mart:
N (new) or M (mint): New and unplayed. NM or N- (near mint): Nearly same as N/M but played a few times. E+: plays like new, with very, very few signs of handling, such as tiny scuffs from being slipped in and out of jackets. E: excellent (still very shiny, near new looking with no visible signs of [groove] wear but with a few inaudible scuffs and scratches). E-: still shiny, but without the luster of a new record. Very little wear, plays distortion-free. V+ or VG+: An “average” looking 78 in which scuffs and general use has dulled finish somewhat. Wear is moderate but playing is generally free of distortion. Surface noise still not pronounced. V or VG: very good (moderate, even wear throughout but still very playable. Surface noise and scratches audible but not intrusive.) V- or VG- = quite playable; some distortion in louder passages but music remains loud in most places. Surface noise from wear and scratches well below music level. G+: gray throughout but still serviceable. Music begins to sound muffled. G (good): quite worn/damaged, but surface noise still below music level. Listenable. G-: Music muffled from wear but still exceeds surface noise. F+: most of record remains audible over surface noise but listening uncomfortable. F (fair): further deterioration but still generally audible. P (poor): unplayable.

VJM standard abbreviations: sfc = surface; lbl = label; nap = not affecting play; scr = scratch; lc = lamination crack; cr = crack; hc/hlc = hairline crack; wol = writing on label; sol = sticker on label; fade = faded label; gr = groove; eb = edge bite; ec = edge chip; ef = edge flake; cvr = cover; s = stereo; rf = rough; aud/inaud = audible/inaudible.

[e.g., 10gr eb = 10 groove edge bite; 2"hc nap = 2-inch haircrack not affecting play]

[+ and – denote in-between grades. Grades with a slash in between indicate the condition of Side A/Side B.]

BLUES and R&B 78s
BIG MACEO: Anytime For You/ Since You’ve Been Gone. Bluebird 34-0703 E+ $18
WALTER BROWN. New Four Day Rider/Gonna’ Open Up A Business. King 4170 V $6
WILLIE BRYANT (with the Tab Smith Septette). Blues Around The Clock(Parts 1 & 2). Apollo 364 V $5
LAWRENCE (PIANO ROLL) COOK HIS “PLAYER PIANO” & ORCH. (The Jim Dandies-v.). The Old Piano Roll Blues/Why Do They Always Say”No”?. Abbey 15003 V to V+ $3
IDA COX and HER ALL STAR BAND. Four Day Creep/Hard Times Blues. Vocalion 05298 V- 2” hc glued at edge nap $3
LARRY DARNELL. I Love My Baby/My Kind Of Baby. Regal 3274 V+/V rf nap $4
PERLINE ELLISON. New That Ain’t Right/Razor Totin’ Mama. Decca 7910 V-/V+ groove digs at end of Side A $8
KING ODOM QUARTET. Amazin’ Willie Mays/Basin Street Blues. Perspective PR-5001 E $10
TODD RHODES ORCHESTRA (Laverne Baker-v.). Trying/Snuff Dipper. King 4556 G+ to V- $4
5 Red Caps : Words Can't Explain/Strictly on the Safety Side, Beacon 4120, VG+ to E-. $6
Marie Adams w/ Bill Harvey's Band: I'm Gonna Play the Honky Tonks/MySearch Is Over, Peacock 1583, VG- ef nap. $4
Gene Allison : My Heart Remembers/Have Faith, Vee-Jay VJ 273, E. $8
Ernie Andrews : Wrap It Up, Put It Away/Soothe Me, G&G 1, E-. $6
Ernie Andrews : Wrap It Up, Put It Away/Soothe Me, G&G 1, F cracked. $1
Mickey Baker (as Big Red Mc Houston): I'm Tired/Where Is My Honey, Groove G-0020, E+ sol white lbl DJ flexible disc. $20
Gene Barge : Country/Way Down Home, Checker 839, VG- wol. $4
Lefty Bates and his Band: Somebody Will Understand/Chicago Cha Cha, United U-206, E+. $15
Lefty Bates and his Band: Somebody Will Understand/Chicago Cha Cha, United U-206, E/E+ ld. $12
Beale St. Boys : Fatstuff Boogie/Lazy Joe, Savoy 693, VG+ tol. $12
Walter Beasley : Georgia Skin/Toad Frog Blues, OKeh 8540, F ec nap. $4
Bees : Toy Bell/Snatchin' Back, Imperial 5314, VG+ large chip taped back into place. $1
Jimmy Bell Trio: Stranger In Town/Boy Doy, Premium PR-870, E/VG+. $30
Buster Bennett Trio: Mr. Bennett Blows/Hard Luck Blues, Columbia 37951, F ld. $1
Buster Bennett Trio: Mr. Bennett Blows/Hard Luck Blues, Columbia 37951, VG. $5
Buster Bennett Trio: Reefer Head Woman/Leap Frog Blues, Columbia 30001, NM-. $15
Big Three Trio : You Don't Love Me No More/My Love Will Never Die, OKeh 6901, E+ white label DJ wol. $25
Big Three Trio : Signifying Monkey/You Sure Look Good To Me, Bullet 275, VG+. $20
Big Three Trio : Reno Blues/I'll Be Right Some Day, Columbia 30142, VG scr/VG+. $10
Big Three Trio : Blue Because of You/Got You on My Mind, OKeh 6863, NM. $25
Big Three Trio : 88 Boogie/You Sure Look Good To Me, Columbia 38093, E-/E+. $15
Larry Birdsong : Pleadin' For Love/You'll Never Never Know, Excello 2076, G slt wrp, eb nap. $2
Blasers & Tommy (Mary Jo) Brandon: She Needs To Be Loved/Done Got Over, United U-191, E, cracked, playable. $3
Blasers & Tommy (Mary Jo) Brandon: She Needs To Be Loved/Done Got Over, United U-191, E+/E- to E. $15
Bobettes w/ Reggie Obrecht Orchestra: Mr. Lee/…The Stars, Atlantic 1144, G+ ec nap, lbl torn wol. $2
Bea Booker : If I Had Known/Comfort In My Heart, Peacock 1682, VG+ ef nap wol. $10
Wee Bea Booze : So Good/These Young Men Blues, Decca 8658, E-. $10
Eddie Boyd & His Chess Men: I'm A Prisoner/I've Been Deceived, Chess 1606, E- label faded. $15
Little Eddie Boyd & his Boogie Band: Rosa Lee Swing/Blue Monday Blues, RCA Victor 20-2703, VG- ld. $12
Little Eddie Boyd & his Boogie Band: Rosa Lee Swing/Blue Monday Blues, RCA Victor 20-2703, E- w/ large 1-inch chip taped in place, 1st inch of record not playable. $1
Little Eddie Boyd w/ J.T. Brown's Boogie Band: I Had To Let Her Go/Kilroy Won't Be Back, RCA Victor 20-2311, E. $20
Calvin Boze & His All Stars: Satisfied/Working With My Baby, Score 4008, E+. $20
Calvin Boze & His All Stars: Waiting And Drinking/If You Ever Had the Blues, Aladdin 3045, VG+/E- lbl wear. $30
Hadda Brooks Trio: Minuet In G Boogie/It All Depends On You, Modern 156, E-/VG+ small hc, playable. $4
Louis Brooks & His Hi-Toppers: Gonna Stop Foolin' Myself/Don't You Know, Excello 2119, E. Earl Gaines vocal. $15
Louis Brooks & His Hi-Toppers: Bus Station Blues/Rollin' Home, Excello 2159, NM-. $20
Louis Brooks & His Hi-Toppers: It's Love Baby/Chicken Shuffle, Excello 2056, VG-. Earl Gaines vocal. $8
Charles Brown w/ Johnny Moore's Three Blazers//Hadda BrooksTrio: I'll Get Along Somehow/Morroco Blues, Modern Music MM 135, VG- lbl wear. $3
Lee Brown : Lemon Roller/Forsaken Blues, Decca 7615, VG-/VG. $15
Lee Brown : Carpenter Man Blues/Little Girl Little Girl, Decca 7504, VG/VG- ef nap lbl wear. $12
Lee Brown : Little Brown Skin Girl/My Driving Wheel, Decca 7686, E-. $18
Lee Brown : Little Leg Woman/Lucille Blues, Decca 7775, F ld. $2
Lee Brown : Little Leg Woman/Lucille Blues, Decca 7775, G+ ef nap. $5
Lee Brown : Lock And Key Blues/Treated Like A Dog, Decca 7654, E-. $12
Lee Brown : Lock And Key Blues/Treated Like A Dog, Decca 7654, VG- cracked, playable. $2
Lee Brown : My Little Girl/Let Me Be Your Bo Weavil, Decca 7790, E-. $12
Lee Brown with Sam Price's Fly Cats: New Little Girl Little Girl/Moanin' Dove, Decca 7575, VG-/VG+ small hc nap. $8
Lee Brown : Another Little Girl/Cross The Santa Fe, Decca 7697, VG- dig on side 2. $8
Nappy Brown w/ the Zippers Quartet: Little By Little/I'm Getting Lonesome, Savoy 1506, E. $10
Nature Boy Brown & his Blues Ramblers: Strictly Gone/House Party Groove, United U-121, E/E+. $20
Ruth Brown with Budd Johnson's Orchestra: Am I Making The Same Mistake Again/Teardrops From My Eyes, Atlantic 919, VG. $8
Ruth Brown with Orchestra: Be Anything(But Be Mine)/5-10-15-Hours, Atlantic 962, G/G+ wol. $4
Tommy (Weepin' and Cryin') Brown : No News From Home/Never Trust A Woman, Savoy 838, VG to VG+. $15
Joe Buckner w/ Tommy Dean's Orchestra: How Can I Let You Go/Why Don't Chu, Vee-Jay VJ 141, VG+. $15
Joe Buckner/Tommy Dean's Orchestra w/ Tommy Dean's Orchestra: One More Mile/Straight and Ready, Vee-Jay VJ 172, VG+/VG. original "One More Mile" of James Cotton fame. $15
Bumble Bee Slim & Peetie Wheatstraw(b side): Meet Me In The Bottom(Hey Lawdy Mama)/No Good Woman(Fighting Blues), Decca 7170, VG+ to E-. $30
Allen Bunn & his Orchestra: My Flight/Two Time Loser, Apollo 442, G heat marks, plays with noise. $4
Allen Bunn & Trio: She'll Be Sorry/The Guy With a "45", Apollo 436, E pimples in wax, wol. $20
Cadets : Stranded In The Jungle/I Want You, Modern 994, VG-. $4
Cadillacs - w/ Jesse Powell Orchestra: Let Me Explain/Speedo, Josie (JOZ) 785, E. $35
Cats 'N Jammer Three vocals by Bill Samuels: I Cover The Waterfront/Jockey Blues, Mercury 2003, VG+ small lc nap. black label. $10
Cats 'N Jammer Three vocals by Bill Samuels: I Cover The Waterfront/Jockey Blues, Mercury 2003, VG- ld. maroon label. $6
Chanceteers : The Flame/Night Beat, Chance 1107, G+/G. $5
Chantels : Come My Little Baby/Maybe, End E-1005, E+. $25
Charms : Who Knows/Hearts Of Stone, DeLuxe 6062, E-/VG-. $15
Christine Chatman & her Orchestra: Hurry, Hurry/Naptown Boogie, Decca 8660, VG+ ef nap wol. $15
James (Beale Street) Clark : Love Me Or Let Me Be/Get Ready To Meet Your Man, Columbia 36948, E- lc nap. $18
Peter Cleighton (Doctor Clayton): 41 Blues/Love Is Gone, OKeh O6375, VG+. $35
Peter Cleighton (Doctor Clayton): Slick Man Blues/Confessin' The Blues, OKeh O6398, VG/E+. $35
Clovers : Lovey Dovey/Little Mama, Atlantic 1022, G. $2
Coasters : Turtle Dovin', Atco 6064, VG-. $5
Jimmy Coe & his Gay Cats of Rhythm: Run Jody Run/The Jet, States S-155, E/E+. $18
Sam Cooke w/ Rene Hall's Orchestra: Forever/I'll Come Running Back To You, Specialty 619, VG- 3 gr ef, wol. $2
Jack Cooley & his Orchestra: Could But I Ain't/Rain On My Window, States S-125, E/E-. $40
Cousin Joe w/ Earl Bostic & His Orchestra: My Tight Woman/Lightnin' Struck The Poorhouse, Gotham 121, E hc nap. $5
Pee Wee Crayton : Answer To Blues After Hours/Louella Brown, Modern 20-763, E+ hc nap. $20
Pee Wee Crayton : The Bop Hop/I Love You So, Modern 20-675, E- to E. $20
Pee Wee Crayton : I Need Your Love/You Know,Yeah, Imperial IM-777, E. $20
Pee Wee Crayton : Dedicating The Blues/Good Little Woman, Modern 20-774, E+/VG- wol. $20
Arthur"Big Boy" Crudup : Gonna Follow My Baby/Mean Old 'Frisco, Bluebird 34-0704, E+. $20
Arthur"Big Boy" Crudup : Give Me A 32-20-Blues/Raised To My Hand-Blues, Bluebird B-9019, E+. $25
Arthur"Big Boy" Crudup : My Wife And Woman/The War Is Over, RCA Victor 20-5563, E to E+. $20
Arthur"Big Boy" Crudup : Gonna Follow My Baby/Mean Old 'Frisco, Bluebird 34-0704, E to E+. $18
Arthur"Big Boy" Crudup : That's Why I'm Lonesome/Just Like A Spider, RCA Victor 20-3140, VG+/E-. $18
Arthur"Big Boy" Crudup : My Mama Don't Allow Me/Standing At My Window, Bluebird 34-0717, VG. $18
Arthur"Big Boy" Crudup : Cool Disposition-Blues/Keep Your Arms Around Me-Blues, Bluebird 34-0738, NM-. $25
Percy Lee Crudup : Open Your Book (Daddy Wants To Read With You)/Tears In My Eyes, Checker 754, VG- ld. $25
Maxwell Davis : Bristol Drive/Resistor, Modern 20-805, VG/VG+. $8
WALTER DAVIS. If It Hadn’t Been For You/The Way I Love You. Bluebird B-8534 V-/V rf nap $15
Walter Davis : If It Hadn't Been For You/The Way I Love You, Bluebird 8534, F+. $2
Walter Davis : Let Me In Your Saddle/Green and Lucky, Bluebird 8282, VG broken. $2
Walter Davis : Blue Sea Blues/Broke And Hungry, Bluebird 5038, G+ slt wrp, dig on side 2, ld. $8
Walter Davis : Cuttin' Off My Days/I Like The Way You Spread Your Wings, Bluebird 7978, G- ld. $8
Walter Davis : Everything Is O.K./Mercy Blues, Bluebird 8058, E-. $25
Walter Davis : Fifth Avenue/I Ain't Got Changing Clothes, Bluebird 7021, VG- ef nap. $20
Walter Davis : Good Gal/Shady Lane, Bluebird 6996, VG/VG-. $20
Walter Davis : Hello Baby/I Feel All Right, Bluebird 8998, G+. $10
Walter Davis : The Only Woman/Ever Since You Been Gone, Bluebird 8773, E/VG+ cracked but playable. $4
Walter Davis : Moonlight Is My Spread/Don't The Clouds Look Lonesome, Bluebird 6167, G+/VG- dig on side 2. $15
Walter Davis : New "Come Back Baby"/I'll Be Back After While, Bluebird 8833, G+/E. $15
Walter Davis : New Orleans/Corrine, Bluebird 8227, VG- ef nap ld. $18
Walter Davis : So Long Baby/What May Your Trouble Be, RCA Victor 20-5168, VG - to VG. $15
Walter Davis : You Make My World So Bright/Tears Came Rollin' Down, RCA Victor 20-5012, VG- to VG. $15
Walter Davis : Please Remember Me/New B&O Blues, RCA Victor 20-1999, E+ cracked, repaired by tape, plays through. $4
WALTER DAVIS. Just One More Time/Things Ain’t Like They Used To Be. RCA Victor 20-2335 E $18
Floyd Dixon : The River, Radio Recorders acetate RR 1959 (R-3981), E-. $75
Doctor Clayton : I Need My Baby/Hold That Train, Conductor, RCA Victor 20-1995, E+. $20
Doctor Clayton : Doctor Clayton Blues/Gotta Find My Baby, Bluebird 8901, E-/VG. $20
Doctor Clayton : Honey Stealin' Blues/On The Killin' Floor-Blues, Bluebird 34-0702, VG eb taped in place, 1st 1/2 inch unplayable. $2
Doctor Clayton : Angels In Harlem/Ain't Gonna Drink No More, RCA Victor 20-2153, E/E+ sol. $20
Doctor Clayton : Ain't No Business We Can Do/Moonshine Women Blues, Bluebird B-9021, VG/VG-. $15
Bill Doggett : Honky Tonk (Parts 1&2), King 4950, VG+. $5
Bill Doggett : Blue Largo/Ram-Bunk-Shun, King 5020, F+/G- ld. $1
Fats Domino : It Must Be Love/Young School Girl, Imperial 5537, E+. $8
Fats Domino : Reeling And Rocking/Goin' Home, Imperial 5180, VG- warped, cracked. $1
Fats Domino : What Will I Tell My Heart/When I See You, Imperial 5454, E to E+. $5
Fats Domino : I'm In Love Again/My Blue Heaven, Imperial 5386, VG-/VG. $3
Fats Domino : When The Saints Go Marching In/Telling Lies, Imperial 5569, VG+. $5
Don Juan Trio : A Long Time/Two Guitar Blues, Modern 20-654, E sol. $8
Thomas A. Dorsey (as Georgia Tom & Jane Lucas): Terrible Operation Blues/Where Did You Stay Last Night, Decca 7259, VG. $40
Thomas A. Dorsey w/ Celestial Singers: I'm Climbing Up The Rough Side Of The Mountain/Some Day I'm Going To See My Jesus, MGM 11461, E, 1/2-in scr side 2. $35
Drifters : Adorable/Steamboat, Atlantic 1078, G+. $3
Du-Droppers : I Wanna Know/Laughing Blues, RCA Victor 20-5229, G+. $5
Du-Droppers : Get Lost/Don't Pass Me By, RCA Victor 20-5504, VG-. $5
Du-Droppers : Come On And Love Me Baby/Go Back, Red Robin 116, G. $8
Du-Droppers : I Found Out/Little Girl,Little Girl, RCA Victor 20-5321, G+ 5 gr eb. $1
Champion Jack Dupree : Weed Head Woman/Bad Health Blues, OKeh 6197, E. $30
Champion Jack Dupree : County Jail Special/Fisherman's Blues, Joe Davis 5103, E noisy patch at beginning of each side. $12
Champion Jack Dupree : Dirty Woman/Just Like A Woman, Vik 260, E. $20
Champion Jack Dupree & his Band: One Sweet Letter/Mean Mistreatin' Mama, Apollo 413, G+/VG. $10
Champion Jack Dupree : She Makes Good Jelly/Rum Cola Blues, Joe Davis 5100, E++. $25
Jack Dupree : Wet Deck Mama/Love Strike Blues, Davis 5108, VG+/VG. $18
Jack Dupree : The Blues Got Me Rockin'/Tongue-Tied Blues, King 4633, E. $15
Jack Dupree : Wet Deck Mama/Love Strike Blues, Davis 5108, E+. $20
Monte Easter & his band w/ Mary DePina: Boogie Woogie Man/I Love My Man, Aladdin 147, E+ cracked. $3
Billy Eckstine & his Orchestra: If That's The Way You Feel/Blowing The Blues Away, DeLuxe 3001, F/G+. $1
Billy Eckstine Orchestra conducted by Russ Case: I'll Know/I've Never Been In Love Before, MGM 10825, VG- scr. $2
Billy Eckstine Orchestra conducted by Russ Case: I'm A Fool To Want You/Love Me, MGM 10982, VG- ef hc. $1
Billy Eckstine Orchestra conducted by Hugo Winterhalter: Mr. B's Blues/I'm Falling For You, MGM 10208, E. $4
Billy Eckstine Orchestra conducted by Hugo Winterhalter: Caravan/A Senorita's Bouquet, MGM 10368, VG-/G+. $2
"Big Boy' Teddy Edwards : I'm Gonna Tell My Mama On You/Louise, Bluebird 5826, G+ 1-inch ck playable. $20
The Fat Man w/ Sunnyland Slim Trio: You've Gotta Stop This Mess/Glad I Don't Worry No More, Nashboro 516, NM cracked, taped (playable). $25
Five Keys Orchestra Conducted by Van Alexander: Wisdom Of A Fool/Now Don't That Prove I Love You, Capitol 3597, E- to E ef nap. $10
"Dusty" Fletcher w/ Jimmy Jones & his Band: Open The Door, Richard! (Parts 1&2), National 4012, VG cracked. $1
Earl Forest w/ the Beale Streeters: Whoopin' and Hollerin'/Pretty Bessie, Duke R-108, G+ 10 gr eb. $1
Four Bluejackets : Baby, Baby, Please Come Home/I Know Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well, Mercury 8017, E. $8
Four Buddies : Sweet Slumber/Don't Leave Me Now, Savoy 779, G+. $5
Four Kings (Willis Threats vocal): All Alone Blues/Hayes' Boogie, Aladdin 157, G+ to VG- scr side 1. Henry Hayes band. $12
Four Tunes w/ Sid Bass Orchestra: Sugar Lump/I Understand, Jubilee 5132, VG-. $3
Ernie Freeman Combo: Jivin' Around (Parts 1&2), Cash 1017, G+ ef nap. $2
Joe "Papoose" Fritz : Better Wake Up Baby/Real Fine Girl, Peacock 1606, E to E+. $10
Joe "Papoose" Fritz w/ Bill Harvey & his Orchestra: Cerelle/If I Didn't Love You So, Peacock 1640, E+. $10
Lowell Fulson w/ Orchestra: Ride Until The Sun Goes Down/Christmas Party Shuffle, Swing Time ST 320, NM. $15
Bill Gaither (as Leroy's Buddy) Honey Hill piano: Tee-Ninecy Mama/Curbstone Blues, Decca 7271, G+. $6
Bill Gaither (as Leroy's Buddy) Honey Hill piano: Right Hand Friend/Mean Old World To Live In, Decca 7606, VG/VG-. $15
Bill Gaither (as Leroy's Buddy): Too Late Too Late/Sweet Mama, Decca 7637, VG-/G+. $8
Bill Gaither (as Leroy's Buddy): Army Bound Blues/Kentland Blues, Decca 7647, VG+ to E-. $18
Little Bill Gaither : Worried Life Blues/Creole Queen, OKeh O6561, VG+. $25
Pvt. Cecil Gant : I Wonder/Cecil Boogie, Gilt-Edge 500 CG, VG-/VG+. $4
Paul/Annie Laurie Gayten & his Orchestra: You Ought To Know/I'll Never Be Free, Regal 3258, VG-/G+. $4
Jazz Gillum (as Bill McKinley): She Keeps On Rickin'/I Went To The Gypsy, Perfect 20982, F. $10
Jazz Gillum : You Got To Run Me Down/I'm Gonna Train My Baby, RCA Victor 20-2405, VG. $15
Jazz Gillum : You Drink Too Much Whiskey/Down South Blues, Bluebird 9004, VG- 3 gr rf side 1. $3
Jazz Gillum : You Are Doing Me Wrong/It's All Over Now, Bluebird 8975, E to E+. $18
Jazz Gillum : War Time Blues/One Letter Home, Bluebird 8943, VG. $18
Jazz Gillum : The Blues What Am/Roll Dem Bones, RCA Victor 20-2580, VG+. $15
Jazz Gillum & his Jazz Boys: Hard Drivin' Woman/Got To Reap What You Sow, Bluebird 8287, G+ scr/VG. $5
Jazz Gillum & his Jazz Boys: She Won't Treat Me Kind/I'll Get Along Somehow, Bluebird 8106, G+. $8
Jazz Gillum : No Friend Blues/From Now On, Bluebird 9034, VG-, small dig side 1. $5
Jazz Gillum : Maybe You'll Love Me Too/Riley Springs Blues, Bluebird 8846, VG hc nap. $6
Jazz Gillum : Five Feet Four Blues/Go Back To The Country-Blues, Bluebird 34-0730, E+. $18
Jazz Gillum : Can't Trust Myself/All In All Blues, RCA Victor 20-2232, E+/E. $18
Jazz Gillum : Take One More Chance With Me/Look What You Are Today, RCA Victor 22-0033, E+. $18
Jazz Gillum : Five Feet Four Blues/Go Back To The Country-Blues, Bluebird 34-0730, E, 2-inch edge bite taped in place. $1
Jazz Gillum : Keep On Sailing/Fast Woman Blues, RCA Victor 34-0747, VG, 8 gr rf side 2. $1
Jazz Gillum : Gonna Take My Rap/Chauffer Blues, RCA Victor 20-2783, E to E+. $18
Jazz Gillum : Hand Reader Blues/You Should Give Some Away, RCA Victor 20-2964, NM/E+. $18
Jazz Gillum : I Got Somebody Else/It Looks Bad For You, Bluebird 8816, F/G-. $3
Jazz Gillum : I'm Gonna Leave You On The Outskirts Of Town/Woke Up Cold In Hand, Bluebird 9042, E. $18
Jazz Gillum : I'm Not The Lad/Long Razor Blues, RCA Victor 20-2120, NM. $18
Jazz Gillum : Jazz Gillum's Blues/Country Woman Blues, RCA Victor 22-0005, E+. $18
Jazz Gillum : Deep Water Blues/I Couldn't Help It, Bluebird 34-0709, E. $18
Lloyd Glenn All Stars feat. Maxwell Davis: New Flying Home/Jumpin' With Lloyd, RPM 332, G+ lbl torn. $3
Lloyd Glenn & His Joymakers: Joymakers Boogie/Advice To A Fool, Imperial 5031, VG+/VG. $12
Good Rockin' Sam w/ Kid King's Combo: Funny Funny Feelin'/Don't Let Daddy Slow Walk You Down, Excello 2070, E/VG. $12
Jimmie Gordon & His Vip Vop Band: Bleeding Heart Blues/Number Runner's Blues, Decca 7536, F. $2
Jimmie Gordon & His Vip Vop Band: Delhia/St. Peter Blues, Decca 7592, VG+/VG. $15
Jimmie Gordon & His Vip Vop Band: Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter/Do That Thing, Decca 7611, VG- sol. $8
Jimmie Gordon : Little Red Dress/Graveyard Blues, Decca 7301, F+. $3
Jimmie Gordon & His Vip Vop Band: She Wants To Rattle Me All The Time/Rattlesnake Bite, Decca 7409, E+, 2-inch eb glued in place. $1
Jimmie Gordon : Beer Drinking Woman/Lookin' For The Blues, Decca 7865, E. $15
Clarence Green & his Orchestra: Galveston/Green's Bounce, Eddie's Records 1207, G+/E. $15
Lil Green & her Orchestra: Take Me Back To Little Rock (Arkansas)/You've Been A Good Ole Wagon, RCA Victor 20-2417, VG+. $6
Lil Green : Romance In The Dark/What Have I Done, Bluebird 8524, G. $3
Lil Green : Keep Your Hand On Your Heart -Blues/Don't Know What I Will Do-Blues, Bluebird 8949, VG, small dig on side 2. $5
Guitar Slim w/ Lloyd Lambert's Orchestra: When There's No Way Out/If I Had My Life To Live Over, Atco 6120, E+/NM. $25
Guitar Slim & His Band: Woman Troubles/Cryin' In The Mornin', Imperial 5278, E sol. $35
Guitar Slim & His Band: Sum'Thin' To Remember You By/You Give Me Nothin' But The Blues, Specialty 569, NM/E+. $30
Guitar Slim & His Playboys: New Arrival/Standin' At The Station, Imperial 5310, E+/E wol. $35
Guitar Slim : If I Should Lose You/It Hurts To Love Someone, Atco 6097, E+. $20
Guitar Slim w/ Lloyd Lambert's Orchestra: I Won't Mind At All/Hello, How Ya' Been, Goodbye, Atco 6108, NM. $25
Guitar Slim & His Band: A Letter To My Girlfriend/The Story Of My Life, Specialty 490, E to E+. $25
Roy Hamilton : You'll Never Walk Alone/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry, Epic 9015, VG-. $1
Harlem Hamfats : Who Done It?/She's Trickin' Me, Decca 7274, VG+. $18
Harlem Hamfats : New Oh Red!/Move Your Hand, Decca 7218, VG-/G+. $8
Harlem Hamfats : When The Sun Goes Dow In Harlem/That's Going To Ruin Your Beauty Spot, Vocalion O4813, E. $35
Harlem Hamfats : Ooh-Wee Babe/Growling Dog, Decca 7283, VG-/VG. $15
Harlem Hamfats : Empty Bed Blues/We Gonna Pitch A Boogie Woogie, Decca 7326, VG-/G+ pimples in wax. $6
Peppermint Harris : The Blues Pick On Me/Let's Ride, Sittin' In Wth 597, VG/E-. $12
Wynonie Harris : Confessin' The Blues/Bloodshot Eyes, King 4461, VG- lc. $3
Roy Hawkins : I Walk Alone/Gloom And Misery All Around, Modern 842, G+ to VG-. $12
Roy Hawkins & his Orchestra: Where You Been/On My Way, Modern 20-752, VG/VG+. $15
Al Hibbler w/ Orchestra directed by Jimmy Mundy: Now I Lay Me Down To Dream/This Is Always, Atlantic 945, VG. $6
Albert Hibbler w/ Orchestra under supervision of Billy Strayhorn: Fat and Forty/My Little Brown Book, Sunrise 2002, G sol. $2
Albert Hibbler : Poor Butterfly/Tonight I Shall Sleep, Sunrise 503, VG tol. $5
Gladys Hill w/ Al Grey All Stars: Prison Bound/Don't Touch My Bowl, Peacock 1618, E- wol. $15
Earl Hines & his Orchestra, vocal Billy Eckstein: Stormy Monday Blues/Jelly, Jelly, RCA Victor 20-2895, E white promo lbl. $20
Gilbert Holliday : At Last/These Foolish Things, Regent 1044, E-. $12
Camille Howard : Has Your Love Grown Cold/Barcarolle Boogie, Specialty 309, VG+/VG dig side 1. $3
Camille Howard : Maybe It's Best After All/Ferocious Boogie, Specialty 359, VG/G. $3
Rosetta Howard & the Harlem Hamfats: Oh Rider/All On Account Of You, Decca 7531, VG+ small scr. $10
Rosetta Howard w/ The Harlem Blues Serenaders: Come Easy Go Easy/Plain Lenox Avenue, Decca 7627, E-. $12
Rosetta Howard & the Harlem Hamfats: If You're A Viper/Rosetta Blues, Decca 7370, E-. $20
Rosetta Howard & the Harlem Hamfats: If You're A Viper/Rosetta Blues, Decca 7370, G/F. $3
Rosetta Howard & the Harlem Hamfats: My Blues Is Like Whiskey/Stomp It Out Gate, Decca 7640, VG+/E-. $12
Rosetta/w/Hamfoot Ham Howard & the Harlem Hamfats: Let's Fall In Love Again/It's Your Turn, Decca 7410, E- ef nap. $12
Helen Humes & Her All-Stars: He Don't Love Me Any More/Pleasing Man Blues, Philo 125, G+ ld. $4
"Ivory" Joe Hunter w/ Johnny Moore's 3 Blazers: Blues At Sunrise/You Taught Me To Love, Exclusive 209, F+ pimpled wax. $1
Ink Spots : A Kiss And A Rose/A Knock On The Door, Decca 24611, VG ef nap. $2
Ink Spots : I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire/Hey Dog!, Decca 3987, VG-/G+. $2
Bull Moose Jackson & his Buffalo Bearcats: I Can't Go On Without You/Fare Thee Well, Deacon Jones, King 4230, G+ hc. $1
Bull Moose Jackson & his Buffalo Bearcats: Love Me Tonight/We Can Talk Some Trash, King 4250, VG 1-inch ec. $1
Bull Moose Jackson & his Buffalo Bearcats: Have You No Mercy/Without Your Love, King 4422, E- rf start. $6
Lil' Son Jackson & His Rockin' & Rollers: Red Light/Aching Heart, Imperial 5144, G+/VG. $15
Lil' Son Jackson : Two Timin' Women/Rocky Road, Imperial 5119, VG+/VG. $20
Lil' Son Jackson : Travelin' Alone/Young Woman Blues, Imperial 5192, VG/E-. $20
Lil' Son Jackson : Ticket Agent Blues/True Love Blues, Imperial 5100, G/G+. $8
Lil' Son Jackson : Ticket Agent Blues/True Love Blues, Imperial 5100, E-. $25
Lil' Son Jackson : Rockin' And Rollin' #2/Journey Back Home, Imperial 5204, E-/E. $25
Lil' Son Jackson & His Rockin' & Rollers: Mr. Blues/Time Changes Things, Imperial 5131, VG/VG-. $18
Lil' Son Jackson : Movin' To The Country/Confession, Imperial 5248, VG+. $20
Lil' Son Jackson : Black And Brown/Sad Letter Blues, Imperial 5218, E/G+. $18
Lil' Son Jackson : Dirty Work/Little Girl, Imperial 5259, E-/VG. $20
Lil' Son Jackson : Get High Everybody/Let Me Down Easy, Imperial 5300, VG+. $20
Lil' Son Jackson : Rockin' And Rollin' #2/Journey Back Home, Imperial 5204, G+. $8
Frankie (Half Pint) Jaxon & the Harlem Hamfats: Chocolate To The Bone/No Need Knockin' On The Blind, Decca 7360, VG+/VG. $30
Frankie (Half Pint) Jaxon : Take Off Them Hips/Give Me A Pigsfoot And A Bottle Of Beer, Decca 7795, VG+/VG. $30
Frankie (Half Pint) Jaxon w/ The Harlem Hamfats: She Loves So Good/Riff It, Decca 7482, VG+. $30
Frankie (Half Pint) Jaxon : Let Me Ride Your Train/Be Your Natural Self, Decca 7786, VG to VG+. $30
Frankie (Half Pint) Jaxon : Fan It Boogie Woogie/Don't Pan Me, Decca 7638, VG+. $30
Jimmie Lee & Artis : Why Do You Make Me Feel Blue/All Right Baby, Modern 899, G+/E-. $6
Little Willie John : Person To Person/Until You Do, King 5091, E- 10 gr eb. $1
Buddy Johnson & his Orchestra-vocal byElla Johnson-A- ArthurPrysock-B: You'll Get Them Blues/I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone, Decca 48040, VG+ to E-. $3
Buddy Johnson & his Orchestra-vocal by ArthurPrysock-B: Hey, Sweet Potato/One Thing I Never Could Do, Decca 48028, E- sol, bumps in wax. $3
Mary Johnson : Those Black Man Blues/Peepin' At The Risin' Sun, Decca 7012, G to G+ eb nap. $10
Merline Johnson (as the Yas Yas Girl & her Jazz Boys): You Can't Have None Of That/I'd Rather Be Drunk, Columbia 37786, E- to E. $15
Merline Johnson : New Muddy Water Blues/He Roars Like A Lion, Bluebird 6985, E+ 1-inch hc taped (playable). $5
Merline Johnson (as the Yas Yas Girl & her Jazz Boys): Fine And Mellow/Nobody Knows How I Feel, Vocalion O5105, E wol sol. $20
Merline Johnson (as the Yas Yas Girl): Two By Four Blues/Good Old Easy Street, OKeh O6446, E-/VG+. $18
Merline Johnson (as the Yas Yas Girl): I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water No. 2/Blues Everywhere, Vocalion O3638, G- to G. $4
Merline Johnson (as the Yas Yas Girl & her Jazz Boys): You're A Pain In The Neck To Me/You Don't Know My Mind, Vocalion O5501, VG+. $20
Merline Johnson (as the Yas Yas Girl): I'll Try To Forget/Want To Woogie Some More, Vocalion O5337, VG. $18
Merline Johnson (as the Yas Yas Girl): Man To Man/Worried Heart Blues, OKeh O5870, VG-. $12
Merline Johnson (as the Yas Yas Girl): New Drinking My Blues Away/Crime Don't Pay, Vocalion O3928, G-. $3
Merline Johnson (as the Yas Yas Girl): New Drinking My Blues Away/Crime Don't Pay, Vocalion O3928, G+/VG-. $8
Pete Johnson : Blues On The Down Beat/Kaycee On My Mind, Decca 3384, E. $15
Wille Johnson w/ Thelma: Don't Tell Mamma/Here Comes My Baby, Savoy 881, E to E+. $25
Curtis Jones : I'm With You Again/I'm Losing My Mind Over You, Vocalion O4617, G. $6
Curtis Jones (guitar by Hot Box Johnson): Heavy Hip Mama/Private Talk Blues, Vocalion O5071, VG+ eb cracked. $1
Curtis Jones : Let Me Be Your Playmate/Highway 51 Blues, OKeh O3990, G+. $5
Curtis Jones : Glamour And Glory Blues/Bed Side Blues, Columbia 37463, E/VG+ ld. $10
Curtis Jones : Glamour And Glory Blues/Bed Side Blues, Columbia 37463, E+/E. $12
Curtis Jones : Worryin' Away My Heart For You/Ity Bitty Jitter Bug, OKeh O6105, VG+. $18
Curtis Jones : Treat Me Like I Treat You/Love Land Blues, OKeh O5947, E first 2 gr damaged side 2. $10
Curtis Jones : Lonesome Bedroom Blues/You Got Good Business, OKeh O3756, VG small eb glued in place. $3
Curtis Jones : Don't Leave Me Baby/Her Love Will Get It, Columbia 37472, E to E+. $12
Curtis Jones : Don't Leave Me Baby/Her Love Will Get It, OKeh O6428, G-/G+. $5
Curtis Jones : Good Whiskey/Pocket-Book Blues, Vocalion O4392, VG- lc ef nap. $10
Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five: You Can't Get That No More/Mop!Mop!, Decca 8668, G+ cracked. $1
Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five: (You Dyed Your Hair)Chartreuse/Lemonade, Decca 27324, E- dig on side 1. $4
Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five: I'm Gonna Leave You On The Outskirts Of Town/It's A Low Down Dirty Shame, Decca 8638, G digs. $1
Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five: That Chick's Too Young To Fry/Choo Choo Ch'Boogie, Decca 23610, VG+ sol. $3
Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five: That Chick's Too Young To Fry/Choo Choo Ch'Boogie, Decca 23610, VG. $2
Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom (Guitar by Tampa Red): The Doctor's Blues/You Got That Stuff, Vocalion 1508, G small dig, rf start. $20
Swinging Sax Kari & Orchestra vocal by Gloria Irving: Henry/You Let My Love Grow Cold, States 117, E+. $12
Jackie Kelso : Blue Moon/Smiles, Mambo 108, E to E+. $15
B.B. King & his Orchestra: You Know I Love You/You Didn't Want Me, RPM 363, VG dig on side 1. $6
B.B. King & his Orchestra: Fine Lookin' Woman/She Don't Move Me No More, RPM 348, VG- ec nap. $6
B.B. King & his Orchestra: Please Love Me/Highway Bound, RPM 386, G+/VG+ wol. $4
B.B. King : She's A Mean Woman/Hard Workin' Woman, RPM 330, VG/E- hc nap wol. $10
B.B. King : Story From My Heart And Soul/Boogie Woogie Woman, RPM 374, E cracked. $1
B.B. King & his Orchestra: You Know I Love You/You Didn't Want Me, RPM 363, G+/VG-. $4
B.B. King & his Orchestra: Woke Up This Morning/Don't Have To Cry, RPM 380, G-/G+. $2
B.B. "Blues Boy" King & his Orchestra: Love You Baby/The Woman I Love, RPM 408, NM. $15
Kid King Combo: "Banana Split'/Skip's Boogie, Excello 2009, G+. $5
Saunders King & his Orchestra: Stormy Night Blues/Unfaithful Blues, Aladdin 3040, E+. $15
Saunders King Rhythm: After Hours/Why Was I Born, Rhythm 201, G+/E+. $10
Little Eddie Kirkland : It's Time for lovin' to be done/That's All Right, RPM 367, E 10 gr eb, cracked. $5
Eartha Kitt w/ Henri Rene & his Orchestra: Santa Baby/Under The Bridges Of Paris, RCA Victor 20-5502, VG+ cracked, playable. $1
Morris Lane : Summertime/You Go To My Head, Savoy 677, VG+. $8
Julia Lee & her Boy Friends: Oh, Marie!/On My Way Out, Capitol 340, VG/VG+. $6
Julia Lee & her Boy Friends: Out In The Cold Again/Charmaine, Capitol 1896, VG ef to 1st groove. $6
Julia Lee & her Boy Friends: You Ain't Got It No More/Oh, Chuck It(In A Bucket), Capitol 57-70031, VG. $6
Jimmy Liggins & His Drops of Joy: Lover's Prayer/The Washboard Special, Specialty 406, E-. $12
Jimmy Liggins & His Drops of Joy: I Want My Baby For Christmas/Shuffle-Shuck, Specialty 380, E+. Specialty sleeve with artist faces/record lists. $18
Jimmy Liggins & His Drops of Joy: I Can't Stop It/Troubles Good-Bye, Specialty 520, VG to VG+. red label. $10
Jimmy Liggins & His 3-D Music: Drunk/I'll Never Let You Go, Specialty 470, VG cracked. $1
Jimmy Liggins & His 3-D Music: Drunk/I'll Never Let You Go, Specialty 470, G+. $3
Jimmy Liggins & His Drops of Joy: Don't Put Me Down/Nite Life Boogie, Specialty 339, E-/VG-. $12
Jimmy Liggins & His Drops of Joy: Careful Love/Homecoming Blues, Specialty 319, VG-. $6
Jimmy Liggins & His Drops of Joy: Brown Skin Baby/Dark Hour Blues, Specialty 434, E/E+. $15
Joe Liggins & His "Honeydrippers": Whiskey, Gin & Wine/One Sweet Letter, Specialty 402, VG-/E-. $5
Joe Liggins & His "Honeydrippers": Big Baritone/Miss You, Exclusive 102, E-/VG-. $5
Joe Liggins & His "Honeydrippers": The Honeydripper Parts 1 &2, Exclusive 207, VG- cracked ld. $1
Joe Liggins & His "Honeydrippers": The Blues/Blow Mr. Jackson, Exclusive 244, VG-. $3
Joe Liggins & His "Honeydrippers": Blue Moods/I've Got A Right To Cry, Exclusive 68, VG+/VG. $5
Little Ceasar w/ the Red Callender Sextette: Atomic Love/You Can't Bring Me Down, Recorded In Hollywood 239, VG/VG- ld. $12
Little Esther w/ The Earle Warren Orchestra: Tell Him That I Need Him So/Cryin' And Singin' The Blues, Federal 12042, E-. $20
Little Esther w/ The Earle Warren Orchestra: Don't Make A Fool Out Of Me/I'm A Bad, Bad Girl, Federal 12023, E-/VG+. $18
Little Esther w/ The Earle Warren Orchestra: Don't Make A Fool Out Of Me/I'm A Bad, Bad Girl, Federal 12023, E-. $20
Little Esther : Somebody New/Ramblin' Blues, Federal 12090, E+/E. $25
Little Esther & Mel Walker(A)/Little Esther(B) w/ Johnny Otis Orchestra: Deceivin' Blues/Lost Dream Blues, Savoy 759, VG. $10
Little Esther(A) & Mel Walker(B) w/ Johnny Otis Orchestra & The Beltones(A): Just Can't Get Free/Cupid's Boogie, Savoy 750, VG-/G+. $8
Little Son Joe/Monkey Joe & his Music Grinders: My Black Buffalo/Mobile And K.C. Line, Vocalion O4978, E to E+. $45
Louis & Frosty : Lonesome & Confused, C Note SL-109(1208), G ec nap. $8
Nellie Lutcher & Her Rhythm: He's A Real Gone Guy/Let Me Love You Tonight, Capitol 40017, VG slt wrp. $2
Nellie Lutcher & Her Rhythm: The Pig-Latin Song/Fine Brown Frame, Capitol 15032, E-. $4
Nellie Lutcher & Her Rhythm: Wish I Was In Walla Walla/A Maid's Prayer, Capitol 15279, G+/VG+. $2
Wille Mabon & his Combo: Worry Blues/I Don't Know, Chess 1531, G+ ld. $4
Wille Mabon & his Combo: Worry Blues/I Don't Know, Chess 1531, E. $10
Percy Mayfield : Lost Love/Life Is Suicide, Specialty 390, G+/E. $5
Jimmy McCracklin w/ His Blues Blasters: Looking For A Woman/You Don't Love Me, Swing Time 260, E+/E. $15
Jimmy McCracklin (Jimmy Nichols--piano): Highway 101/Baby Don't You Want To Go, Globe 104, E-. $35
Jimmy McCracklin : Achin' Heart/Street Loafin' Woman, Globe 109, VG- small cr nap. $18
Jimmy McCracklin (Jimmy Nichols--piano): Miss Mattie Left Me/Mean Mistreated Lover, Globe 102, VG-/E-. $30
Jimmy McCracklin w/ His Blues Blasters: That's Life/What's Your Phone Number, Swing Time 285, E-. $10
Jimmy McCracklin & his Band: The Walk/I'm To Blame, Checker 885, VG-. $8
Memphis Jimmy McCracklin //David Blunston: You Deceived Me/Blunston's Boogie, Excelsior 182, E broken, taped back together; playable with a "pop". $6
Brownie McGhee (as Big Tom Collins): Heart Breaking Woman/Watchin' My Stuff, King 4568, VG. $20
Brownie McGhee & the Block Busters: A Letter To Lightnin' Hopkins/Smiling and Crying Blues, Jax 302, E. $35
Jay McShann & His Jazz-Men-Vocal-Jimmy Witherspoon(A)Numa Lee Davis(B): Hard-Working Man's Blues/When I've Been Drinking, Philo 109, F 10 gr eb. $1
Jay McShann & His Sextette: Have You Ever Loved A Woman/Gone With The Blues, Mercury 8032, VG-. $6
Jay McShann & His Orchestra, vocals Albert Hibbler(A),Walter Brown(B): Get Me On Your Mind/The Jumpin' Blues, Decca 4418, VG. $8
Jay McShann & The Sextette: Hootie Boogie/Garfield Avenue Blues, Mercury 8002, VG+, 1/2-inch ec glued in place. $1
Jack McVea & his All Stars vocalRabon Tarrant(B): Wine-O/Frisco Blues, Black & White 751, F ef nap. $2
Memphis Minnie : You Got To Get Out Of Here/Western Union, Columbia 30134, E-. $20
Memphis Minnie : You Can't Rule Me/No Need You Doggin' Me, Vocalion O3697, E-, minor heat warp near edge. $20
Memphis Minnie : When You Love Me/Love Come And Go, OKeh 6733, E/E-. $20
Memphis Minnie : Pig Meat On The Line/This Is Your Last Chance, OKeh O6505, VG+/E-. $25
Memphis Minnie & Son Joe: Please Set A Date/True Love, Columbia 36895, VG+. $20
Memphis Minnie : Nothing In Rambling/Boy Friend Blues, Columbia 37689, VG+. $20
Memphis Minnie : Me And My Chauffeur Blues/Can't Afford To Lose My Man, OKeh O6288, E-. $25
Memphis Minnie : Looking The World Over/Black Rat Swing, OKeh 6707, VG+. $20
Memphis Minnie : Killer Diller/Hold Me Blues, Columbia 37977, E to E+. $20
Memphis Minnie : In My Girlish Days/My Gage Is Going Up, OKeh O6410, VG+/E-. $25
Memphis Minnie : I'm Not A Bad Gal/It Was You Baby, OKeh O6624, VG+ to E-. $25
Memphis Minnie : Good Morning/I Don't Want You No More, Vocalion O3436, VG. $30
Memphis Minnie : Daybreak Blues/Million Dollar Blues, Columbia 30120, E-. $20
Memphis Minnie : Fish Man Blues/Lean Meat Won't Fry, Columbia 37579, E-/E+. $20
Memphis Minnie : I'm So Glad/Mean Mistreater Blues, Columbia 37295, NM. $20
Memphis Slim : Harlem Bound/Life is Like That, Miracle 111, VG+. $8
Amos Milburn & his Aladdin Chicken-Shackers: Three Times A Fool/Let Me Go Home, Whiskey, Aladdin 3164, VG+ to E-. $8
Amos Milburn & his Aladdin Chicken-Shackers: Everybody Clap Hands/That Was Your Last Mistake-Goodbye, Aladdin 3090, E-. $8
Amos Milburn & his Aladdin Chicken-Shackers: Glory Of Love/Baby,Baby, All The Time, Aladdin 3248, VG. $6
Amos Milburn & his Aladdin Chicken-Shackers: Greyhound/Kiss Me Again, Aladdin 3150, VG- sol. $4
Amos Milburn & Band: I Need Someone/French Fried Potatoes And Ketchup, Aladdin 3320, VG-. $6
Amos Milburn & his Aladdin Chicken-Shackers: Johnson Rag/Walking Blues, Aladdin 3049, VG+/E-. $8
Amos Milburn & his Aladdin Chicken-Shackers: Rocky Mountain/How Could You Hurt Me So, Aladdin 3226, G+/E. $6
Amos Milburn & his Aladdin Chicken-Shackers: Sax Shack Boogie/Remember, Aladdin 3064, VG to VG+. $5
Amos Milburn & his Aladdin Chicken-Shackers: Ain't Nothing Shaking/Just One More Drink, Aladdin 3093, G+/VG hcnap. $3
Roy Milton : Rainey Day Confession Blues (Parts 1&2), Roy Milton Record Co. l-10, VG. cartoon labels in nice condition. $25
Roy Milton : Am I Wasting My Time?/Night And Day(I Miss You So), Specialty 438, E+. $8
Roy Milton & His Orchestra vocal RM & Mickey Champion(B): Skid Row/Rocking Pneumonia And T Boogie Woogie Flu, King 5069, E/E-. w/ Mickey Champion. $10
Roy Milton & His Solid Senders: R.M. Blues/Rhythm Cocktail, Juke Box 504, VG cracked. $2
Roy Milton & His Solid Senders vocal by Camille Howard(B): Big Fat Mama/Thrill Me, Specialty 518, VG+/VG- hc nap. $4
Roy Milton & His Solid Senders vocal by Camille Howard(B): When I Grow Too Old To Dream/Pack Your Sack…Jack, Specialty 517, VG+ cracked. $1
Roy Milton & His Solid Senders: I Have News For You/T-Town Twist, Specialty 407, G+ wol. $4
Monkey Joe & his Music Grinders: Good Business#2/B.V.D. Blues, Vocalion O4871, E+/E to E+. $35
Monkey Joe : Just Out The Big House/New York Central, Vocalion O4618, VG heat marks. $18
Monkey Joe & his Music Grinders: Tailor Made Woman/Trouble Comin' On, Vocalion O4814, E+. $35
Monkey Joe : Three O'Clock Blues/Some Sweet Day, Vocalion O4294, E-. $35
Moonglows : Sincerely/Tempting, Chess 1581, E-. $15
Johnny Moore's Three Blazers: Merry Christmas, Baby/Lost In The Night, Exclusive 254, VG rf nap. $4
Johnny Moore's Three Blazers vocal Charles Brown(A): I Want You-I Need You/Hard Tack, Exclusive 226, VG. $4
Johnny Moore's Three Blazers: Soothe Me/Scratch Sheet, Exclusive 259, E-/VG+ sol. $5
Johnny Moore's Three Blazers: Be Fair With Me/Sunny Road, Exclusive 233, VG+/VG-. $4
Johnny Moore's Three Blazers feat. Mari Jones: How Could You Be So Mean/Mean Papa Blues, Aladdin 3139, E. $12
Johnny Moore's Three Blazers feat. Mari Jones: How Could You Be So Mean/Mean Papa Blues, Aladdin 3139, NM. $15
Johnny Moore's Three Blazers vocal Charles Brown(A): I Want You-I Need You/Hard Tack, Exclusive 226, G. $3
Johnny Moore's Three Blazers/Will Rowland: You Won't Let Me Go/Shuffle Boogie, Modern 142, P. $1
Red Nelson : Working Man Blues/Back Home, Bluebird 7960, G+/VG-. $25
Red Nelson (as Dirty Red): You Done Me Wrong/Hotel Boogie, Aladdin 207, VG/VG+. $40
Red Nelson : Crying Mother Blues/Streamline Train, Brunswick 3508, E. $25
Red Nelson (as Dirty Red): Mother Fuyer/Home Last Night, Aladdin 194, E/E-. $75
Red Nelson & his Washboard Band: Prowling Groundhog No. 2/Don't Tear My Clothes No. 3, Vocalion O3965, G+/VG. $30
Chuck Norris : Messin' Up/Let Me Know, Atlantic 994, VG-. $15
Nutmegs : Story Untold/Make Me Lose My Mind, Herald 452, VG-. $10
Orioles : Deacon Jones/Tell Me So, Jubilee 5005, VG/VG-. $15
Johnny Otis Orchestra; vocals Mel Walker & Little Esther(A): I Dream/Hangover Blues, Regent 1036, E+. $15
Johnny Otis Orchestra; vocals Mel Walker: Rockin' Blues/My Heart Tells Me, Savoy 766, VG-/E. $10
Johnny Otis Orchestra vocals Mel Walker: Rockin' Blues/My Heart Tells Me, Regent 1027, G+ to VG-. $5
Johnny Otis Orchestra ;vocals:Little Esther. Mel Walker, Lee Graves: Wedding Boogie/Far Away Blues, Savoy 764, E/E+. $10
Danny Overbea & his Combo: Train, Train, Train/I'll Wait, Checker 768, F. $2
Danny Overbea w/ King Kolax Orchestra: 40 Cups Of Coffee/I'll Follow You, Checker 774, E. $25
Little Junior Parker & The Blue Flames: Backtracking/I Wanna Ramble, Duke 137, E+/E. $35
Prince Patridge w/ Monroe Tucker Orchestra: Cooperation (Parts 1&2), Cat 105, VG+. $15
Penguins : Hey Senorita/Earth Angel, Dootone 348, VG-. $6
Lloyd Price & his Orchestra: Lawdy Miss Clawdy/Mailman Blues, Specialty 428, VG-. $5
Lloyd Price & his Orchestra: Lawdy Miss Clawdy/Mailman Blues, Specialty 428, VG ld wol. $6
Ravens : Looking For My Baby/Begin The Beguine, Mercury 5800, VG-. $5
Ravens : Write Me A Letter/Summertime, National 9038, G-/G ld ef nap. $3
Ravens : You Foolish Thing/Honey I Don't Want You, Columbia 39408, VG+. $25
Gene Redd (Vocal Obligatto by Valerie Carr): I Dreamed The Blues/In The Redd, Federal 12119, VG- DJ wlp wol. $6
Lula Reed : Don't Make Me Love You/Going Back To Mexico, King 4649, VG-. $5
Royals : That's It/Someone Like You, Federal 12160, VG- to VG. $12
Royals : Work With Me Annie/Until I Die, Federal 12169, G. $6
Little Jimmy Scott : I'll Be Seeing You/I Won't Cry Anymore, Roost 615, VG- to VG lc. $3
Ollie Shepard : Hard Times Is On Me/Army Camp Blues, OKeh O6409, E-. $10
Six Teens : A Casual Look/Teen Age Promise, Flip 315, VG-. $5
Emitt Slay Trio (Bob White Organ & Vocal): I've Learned My Lesson/You Told Me That You Loved Me, Savoy 892, NM-. $18
Bessie Smith : Yes Indeed He Did/Devil's Gonna Git You, Columbia 14354-D, VG-/G+ digs on side 2. $20
Bessie Mae Smith (as Blue Belle): Sweet Black Woman/Good Feelin' Blues, OKeh 8659, VG- to VG. $40
Bessie Mae Smith (as Blue Belle): Boa Constrictor Blues/Sneakin' Lizard Blues, OKeh 8538, G+ lc nap; scr. $20
Clara Smith : I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down/You Don't Know My Mind, Columbia 14013-D, VG/VG-. $20
Effie Smith : Effie's Blues/I'm In The Groove Tonight, G&G 7, E/E+. $15
Fletcher Smith : Brand New Neighborhood/Mean Poor Gal, Swing Time 329, NM/E+. $15
Fletcher Smith : Brand New Neighborhood/Mean Poor Gal, Swing Time 329, E. $12
Fletcher Smith : Brand New Neighborhood/Mean Poor Gal, Swing Time 329, NM. $18
Willie"Long Time" Smith : No Special Rider Here/Due Respects To You, Columbia 37827, G+/E+. $18
Willie"Long Time" Smith : No Special Rider Here/Due Respects To You, Columbia 37827, VG+/E- to E. $20
Spiders : I Didn't Want To Do It/You're The One, Imperial 5265, G+. $5
Spiders : I Didn't Want To Do It/You're The One, Imperial 5265, VG+/VG 3 gr rc. $5
Strangers : Dreams Came True/How Long Must I Wait, King 4766, VG- ec nap. $20
Sunnyland Slim (as Dr. Clayton's Buddy & his Orchestra): Walking With The Blues/Farewell, Little Girl, RCA Victor 20-3235, NM. $60
Sunnyland Slim (as Dr. Clayton's Buddy & his Orchestra): Broke And Hungry/Across The Hall Blues, RCA Victor 20-3085, NM. $60
Sunnyland Slim (as Dr. Clayton's Buddy & his Orchestra): Illinois Central/Sweet Lucy Blues, RCA Victor 20-2733, VG/E. $50
Joe Swift w/ Johnny Otis & His Orchestra: That's Your Last Boogie/What's Your Name, Exclusive 51x, E. $8
Johnny Temple w/ The Harlem Hamfats: What Is That Smells Like Gravy/County Jail Blues, Decca 7456, E-. $20
Johnny Temple : What Is That She Got-Blues/Big Woman Blues, Bluebird 8968, VG+/E-. $25
Johnny Temple : Cherry Ball/Let's Get Together, Decca 7678, G cracked. $3
Sonny Terry Trio: Hootin' Blues/Dangerous Woman, Gramercy 1004/5, VG-. $35
Lillette Thomas & Her Boys: Blues For My Daddy/Lillette's Boogie, Sterling 100, VG-/VG. $10
Sonny Thompson : Pastry/I Hope You Love Me Too, King 4678, VG- cracked, playable. $1
Sonny Thompson (vocal by Rufus Junior): Let's Call It A Day/Blues Mambo, King 4541, G+/VG- wol. $3
Three Flames (vocal by "Tiger" Haynes): Open The Door, Richard!/Nicholas(Don't Be So Ridiculous), Columbia 37268, E. $8
Turbans : Let Me Show You(Around My Heart)/WhenYou Dance, Herald 458, E-/VG+. $15
Joe Turner w/ Bill Moore's Lucky Seven: Mad Blues/Sunday Morning Blues, National 4009, VG cracked. $1
Joe Turner //Pete Johnson: Piney Brown Blues/627 Stomp, Decca 18121, VG- rf nap. $4
Eddie Vinson : Lazy Gal/Bonus Pay, Mercury 8039, VG cracked, playable. $1
Eddie "Mr. Cleanhead" Vinson & his Orchestra: It's A Groovy Affair/I've Been So Good, Mercury 2030, VG-. $5
T-Bone Walker w/ Marl Young & his Orchestra: Evening/T-Bone Boogie, Rhumboogie 4002, NM. $35
T-Bone Walker w/ Marl Young & his Orchestra: I'm Still In Love With You/Sail On Boogie, Rhumboogie 4000, G+. $10
T-Bone Walker : My Baby Left Me/She Is Going To Ruin Me, Old Swingmaster 11, E to E+. $30
Dinah Washington w/Lucky Thompson's All Stars: Wise Woman Blues/No Voot, No Boot, Apollo 368, VG+/VG. $8
Ralph Willis feat. Brownie Magee & Orchestra: Somebody Is Got To Go/Blues,Blues,Blues, Jubilee 5034, VG. $8
Billy Wright : I Keep Drinkin'/Billy's Boogie Blues, Savoy 715, VG-/VG. $8
Billy Wright : Thinkin' Blues/Back Biting Woman, Savoy 733, VG-. $8
Buster Bennett Trio: Mr. Bennett Blows/Hard Luck Blues, Columbia 37951, VG+. $8
Blasers & Tommy (Mary Jo) Brandon: She Needs To Be Loved/Done Got Over, United U-191, E. $15
Billy Ford & his Night Riders: Smooth Rocking/You Foxie Thing, United 142, E, crack taped, playable. $2
Julia Lee & her Boy Friends: Lies/Gotta Gimme Whatcha Got, Capitol 308, VG+/VG- to VG. $6
Roy Milton & His Solid Senders: Best Wishes/Short,Sweet and Snappy, Specialty 414, G+. $4
Arbee Stidham (Lefty Bates Band): Look Me Straight In The Eye/I Stayed Away Too Long, States 164, NM-. $20
Billy Ford & his Night Riders: Confessing/Old Age, United 167, E++ to NM. $12

Roy Acuff & his Smoky Mountain Boys: All The World Is Lonely Now/That Glory Bound Train, Columbia 36974, E hc nap. $1
Roy Acuff & his Crazy Tenneseeans: Wabash Cannon Ball/Freight Train Blues, Okeh O4466, VG- lc nap. $1
Roy Acuff & his Smoky Mountain Boys: Songs Of The Smoky Mountains: 2 78s, 2 missing from set: Pins & Needles/ The Precious Jewel,Wait For The Light To Shine/Low & Lonely, Columbia C-143, E. In album with illustrated "hillbilly" caricatures cover. $5
Roy Acuff & his Smoky Mountain Boys: Sweeter Than The Flowers/Tennessee Waltz, Columbia 20551, E-/VG. $2
J.T Adams & the Men of Texas: Rock-A-My Soul/Crying In The Chapel, Republic 7052, NM flexible disc. $10
Bob Atcher & Bonnie Blue Eyes(B): Walking The Floor Over You/Sweethearts Or Strangers, Okeh 6496, E- cracked but playable. $1
Gene Autry : Cowboy's Yodel/Blue Days, Conqueror 7831, G-/G ec nap. $10
Gene Autry & Jimmy Long: My Carolina Mountain Rose/Watching The Clouds Roll By, Banner 32928, VG+. $8
Gene Autry & The Pinafores: Rudolph, Thr Red-Nosed Reindeer/If It Doesn't Snow On Christmas, Columbia 38610, E/E-. $1
CLIFF EDWARDS (UKELELE IKE). June Night/Insufficient Sweetie. Pathe’ 025121 E $10
FIDDLIN’ WILLIE AND THE OZARK PALS (Key Twins/ Leon Key-v.). Why Not Confess/Knocking At Your Door. Disco 1500 E- (Obscure St. Louis label) $20
LULU BELLE & SCOTTY. Wish I Was A Single Girl Again/Never Take No For An Answer. Vocalion 04772 V+ $8
FRANK LUTHER. My Little Old Home Down In New Orleans/ Oklahoma Blues. Banner 6341 E-/E+ $15
PATSY MONTANA (w/ the “Prarie Ramblers”). Little Rose Of The Prarie/My Dear Old Arizona Home. Vocalion 04247 V+ $12
NORMAN PHELPS and his VIRGINIA RAMBLERS. Sweet Violets/ It’s Tight Like That. Decca 5191 V $12
Gene Autry : There'll Never Be Another Pal Like You/Tears On My Pillow, Columbia 20259, VG+. $2
Jack Boles : Rockin' Chair Blues/Runnin' Round, MGM 10931, VG/VG-. $6
Chris Bouchillon : Born In Hard Luck/The Medicine Show, Columbia 15151, VG. $35
Bill Boyd & his Cowboy Ramblers: Yes You Did/Texas Blues, RCA Victor 21-0164, E pimples in wax. $3
Jimmy Boyd w/ Mitch Miller & his Orchestra: I saw Mommy Do The Mambo(With You Know Who)/Santa Claus Blues, Columbia J-225, VG+/E-. $2
Owen Bradley & His Quintet: Tennessee Blues/Aboard The Sentimental Train, Coral 60565, E-. $3
Clif Bruner : My Pretty Blonde/I'll Try Not To Cry, Decca 46033, E- pimples in wax. $2
Ed Camp : Sure Of Your Heart/I'm Gonna Put The Wammy On You, Imperial 8301, E-/VG+. $5
Ernie Chaffin : I Can't Lose The Blues/Get Me On Your Mind, Hickory 1024, VG+. $4
Cowboy Copas : There Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me/You Live In A World All Your Own, King 511, G+ 8 gr ec. $1
Billy Cox & Cliff Hobbs: I've Found My Love/The Last Letter, Conqueror 9218, F+. $2
Al Craver : The Death Of Floyd Collins/Little Mary Phagan, Columbia 15031-D, G+. $5
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Cross : I Love You Best Of All/You're As Welcome As The Flowers In May, Columbia 15259-D, E ec to 1st groove. $10
Cumberland Mountain Folks : The Tramp On The Street/Put My Rubber Doll Away, Columbia 20187, VG, taped at edge, bump in 1st few grooves of one side. $4
Ted Daffan and his Texans: My Fallen Star/Are You Satisfied Now, Columbia 37501, E-. $2
Ted Daffan's Texans: Born To Lose/No Letter Today, OKeh 6706, VG+. $2
Vernon Dalhart : Wreck Of The Old 97/The Prisoner's Song, Victor 19427, VG+. $3
Vernon Dalhart : The Wreck Of The 1256/Mother's Grave, Victor 19812, VG sol. $3
Vernon Dalhart : The Sidewalks Of New York/Th Girl I Left Behind Me, Columbia 437-D, E-/E. $3
Vernon Dalhart : The Prisoner's Song/Ain't-Ya Comin' Out To-night?, Columbia 257-D, E+ lc. $3
Vernon Dalhart : The Old Fiddler's Song/Lay My Head Beneath A Rose, Brunswick 3234, E-. $3
Vernon Dalhart : The Mississippi Flood/My Blue Ridge Mountain Home, Okeh 45107, F lc. $2
Vernon Dalhart : The Little Black Mustache/Old Bill Moser's Ford, Columbia 15077-D, E- lc. $3
Vernon Dalhart : The Cowboy's Dream/Bury Me Not On The Lone Prarie, Cameo 1203, VG+ pimples in wax. $5
Vernon Dalhart : A Boy's Best Friend Is His Mother/The Prisoner's Song, Silvertone 3030, VG+. $5
Vernon Dalhart : The Governor's Pardon/The Engineer's Child, Victor 19983, VG+. $3
Darby & Tarlton : Touring Yodel Blues/Slow Wicked Blues, Columbia 15419, F+/F. $6
Al Dexter & his Trooper: Down At The Roadside Inn/New Soldier's Farewell, OKeh O6127, E+. $3
Dixon Bros. : Answer To Maple On The Hill (Part 1)/Greenback Dollar (Part 2), Bluebird 6462, VG 1-inch crack. $2
Deacon Evans & his Texans: When You Smile/Hillbilly Steel Guitar, Imperial 8038, VG/VG-. $5
Red Foley : Tennessee Border/Candy Kisses, Decca 46151, VG+ to E-. $3
Red Foley w/ The Dixie Dons(B): Old Kentucky Fox Chase/Mississippi, Decca 46241, E-/VG+. $3
Girls of The Golden West : Home Sweet Home In Texas/The Cowgirl's Dream, Montgomery Ward 4417, G+. $4
Grandpa Jones & His Grandchildren : Weary Lonesome Me/Grandpa's Boogie, King 812, E-/VG+. $4
The Hi-Flyers : Answer To It Makes No Difference Now/You Can Depend On Me, Vocalion 4703, G+/VG. $6
Pee Wee Hunt & his Orchestra: Twelfth Street Rag/Somebody Else, Not Me, Capitol 15105, E-. $2
Pee Wee Hunt & his Orchestra: Twelfth Street Rag/Somebody Else, Not Me, Capitol 15105, VG+ heat damage near edge. $1
Lonesome Pine Fiddlers : I'm Left Alone/Twenty-One Years, RCA Victor 20-5011, E-. $5
Nick Lucas : Blue Heaven/Among My Souvenirs, Brunswick 3684, E-. $15
J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers: Maple On The Hill/Take Me In The Lifeboat, Bluebird 6065, E cracked but playable. $2
Leon McAuliffe & his Western Swing Band: I'm Going Back To Birmingham/Blacksmith Blues, Columbia 20907, VG+. $4
Leon McAuliffe & his Western Swing Band: Blue Guitar Stomp/I Didn't Know How Much I Loved You, Columbia 20845, VG+, crack taped at edges. $2
McMichen's Melody Men : Let Me Call You Sweetheart/Sweet Bunch of Daisies, Columbia 15111-D, VG+ to E-. $15
Moon Mullican : When Love Dies Where Does It Go/What's The Matter With The Mill, King 1447, VG/E. $5
Bill Nettles & his Dixie Blue Boys: Hadacol Boogie/I'm Footloose Now, Mercury 6190, VG+ circular crack around label, playable. $3
Bill Nettles & his Dixie Blue Boys: Hadacol Boogie/I'm Footloose Now, Mercury 6190, VG+. $8
Prairie Ramblers : There's More Pretty Girls Than One/We Parted By The Riverside, Conqueror 8713, VG-, long scratch on one side. $4
Rhythm Rockers feat. Chet Atkins: Peanut Vendor/Tricky, RCA Victor 20-6808, VG to VG+. $5
Jesse Rodgers //Barbara Brown: The Yellow Rose Of Texas/Buttons And Bows, Varsity 114, VG+ to E- lc nap. $6
Jimmie Rodgers : Whisper Your Mother's Name/A Drunkard's Child, Victor 22319, E heat damage makes 1st 1/2 inch unplayable. $3
Jimmie Rodgers : Blue Yodel No.3/Never No Mo' Blues, Victor 21531, VG- to VG. $12
Jimmie Rodgers : Blue Yodel/Away Out On The Mountain, Victor 21142, E- to E. $15
Jimmie Rodgers : My Little Old Home Down In New Orleans/Dear Old Sunny South By The Sea, Victor 21574, E+. $20
Jimmie Rodgers : My Old Pal/Daddy And Home, Victor 21757, E-/VG+. $12
Jimmie Rodgers : Roll Along Kentucky Moon/Why Should I Be Lonely, Bluebird 5082, VG- 1-inch ec taped back in place, skips. $10
Jimmie Rodgers : Blue Yodel No. 11/The Brakeman's Blues, Victor 21291, G+/VG-. $12
Smokey Rogers & his Four Star Rangers: What It Means To Be Blue/Blues In My Mind, 4 Star 1020, VG+. $10
Tommy Scott : Tennessee/Freckle-Faced Gal, Federal 10011, E+ to NM. $12
Sons of the Pioneers : Cowboy Camp Meetin'/Tumbling Tumbleweeds, RCA Victor 20-1904, VG+. $2
Carl T. Sprague : O Bury Me Not On The Lone Prarie/The Cowboy's Dream, Victor 20122, E- dig on side 2. $6
Charles Lewis Stine : The Wreck On The C&O/The Ship That Never Returned, Columbia 15027, looks E but some "wrinkling" visible under surface on one side,causes some noise. $8
Tom Tall : Remembering You/Give Me A Chance, Fabor 125, VG to VG+. $6
Ernest Thompson : The Little Rosebud Casket/In The Baggage Coach Ahead, Columbia 216-D, E-. $8
Jack Toombs : Foolish Jealousy/My Imagination, Excello 2041, E cracked but playable. $3
Merle Travis : No Vacancy/Cincinnati Lou, Capitol 258, VG+ sol. $6
"T" Texas Tyler : Deck Of Cards/Sweet Thing, 4 Star 1228, VG- ld around spindle hole. $3
Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys: Bob Wills Special/New San Antonio Rose, Columbia 37014, E-/VG+. $3
Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys: Roly-Poly/New Spanish Two-Step, Columbia 36966, E-. $3
Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys: Sugar Moon/Brain Cloudy Blues, Columbia 37313, VG+ lc nap. $3
Johnnie Lee Wills & his Boys: Square Dance Boogie/Late Evening Blues, Decca 46053, E+/NM- pimples in wax. $4


BIDDLE UNIVERSITY QUARTET: Who’ll Be A Witness/Heaven. Pathe’ 22415 NM $20
BLACKWOOD BROS. QUARTET: What A Saviour/Sing Be Happy. Blackwood Bros. Quartet 1147 E- $5
BREJOT TRIO/ w/ W.A. BLOUNT. I Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy/Peace In The Valley. Ambassador AR-1 V+ (Little Rock, Arkansas, label) $12
MARIAN CRAWFORD/STERLING TRIO. Beulah Land/Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere. Pathe’ 20241 E+ $12
CRITERION QUARTET. Wayside Cross/Church In The Wildwood. Brunswick 2196 G+/V- $4
FISK UNIVERSITY JUBILEE SINGERS. Keep A’Inchin’ Along/Shout All Over God’s Heaven. Columbia 658-D E- $12
REV. J.M. GATES. The Dying Gambler/One Thing I Know. Victor 20332 G+/V+ $10
MELODY BOYS OF LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS (Smilin’ Joe Roper-Pianist). Pray/Under His Wing. Gospel Record 198 E- $12
STAMPS OZARK QUARTET: I’m Free Again/Rock A My Soul. White Church 5107 E- $12
TASKIANA FOUR. Crying Holy Unto The Lord/Oh My Mother, You Got To Bow So Low. Victor 20959 V- $8
Blackwood Brothers Double Quartet : Master The Tempest Is Raging/Rock Of Ages, Gospel 1154, VG+. $5
Blackwood Brothers Quartet : Swing Down Chariot/Roll On Jordan, Blackwood Bros. 1162, E to E+. $5
Blackwood Brothers Quartet : Master The Tempest Is Raging/Rock Of Ages, Blackwood Bros. 1154, E to E+. $5
Blackwood Brothers Quartet : Lead Me To That Rock/He'll Understand And Say Well Done, Blackwood Bros. 1157, E+. $5
Rev. J.C. Burnett Assisted by Sisters Grainger & Jackson: The Down Fall Of Nebuchanezzar/I've Heard Of Them, Columbia 14166, F. $1
Coleman Brothers : I Can See Everybody's Mother But Mine/Plenty Of Room In The Kingdom, Manor 1003, VG+ to E-. $8
Dixie Sacred Singers //Hamlin Sacred Quartette: Nearer My God To Thee/Tell Mother I'll Be There, Challenge 339, E-. $5
Famous Gay Sisters : The Little Old Church/That's What I Like About Jesus, Savoy 4046, E. $5
Four Leaf Clovers Quartet : Do Lord/There Is Only One, Bibletone 5513, VG+. $1
Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet : Jonah/Behold The Bridegroom Cometh, Bluebird 7154, G+/G- dig at side 1 start. $2
Rev. Kelsey //Lena Phillips: Little Boy/Send The Rain, MGM 10250, VG+/E- sol. $3
Rev. Kelsey's Congregation: Little Boy/Hide My Soul, Super Disc 1057, VG+ broken, taped together, only about one-third of the record is playable. $1
Andy Kirk & his Orchestra w/ Jubalaires: Get Together With The Lord/I Know, Decca 18782, VG to VG+. $2
Bill Mann : Heartaches/When God Is Near, Rainbow 2106, E+ to NM cracked but playable. $1
Pace Jubilee Singers : Everybody Got To Walk His Lonesome Valley/You Gonna Reap Just What You Sow, Victor 20310, G-. $2
Oscar Seagle : Standin' In The Need O' Prayer/Golden Crown, Columbia A2889, E/E- rf nap. $2
Phil Spitalny & his Hour of Charm All Girl Orchestra & Choir: Now The Day Is Over-Rock Of Ages/Sweet Hour of Prayer, Charm X-CR-507/1007, VG. $2
Phil Spitalny & his Hour of Charm All Girl Orchestra & Choir: Faith Of Our Fahters-Doxology/Abide With Me, Charm X-CR-506/1006, VG- cracked. $1
Thomas Family : I Ain't Gonna Study War No More/You Better Get Down On Your Knees And Pray, Majestic 11009, E- to E pimples in wax. $2
Thomas Family : I Can't Sit Down/Farther Along, Majestic 11008, E- to E pimples in wax. $2

JAZZ 78s
Earl Bostic & his Orchestra: Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/Serenade, King 4369, F+ ef to 1st groove side 1. $1
Earl Bostic : Temptation/Artistry By Bostic, Gotham G-160, VG to VG+. $3
King Cole Trio: (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66/Everyone Is Sayin' Hello Again, Capitol 256, VG/VG+ sol. $3
King Cole Trio: Come In Out Of The Rain/Can You Look Me In The Eyes, Capitol 418, E. $3
King Cole Trio: I Can't See For Lookin'/Straighten Up And Fly Right, Capitol 154, G+. $1
King Cole Trio: I Can't See For Lookin'/Straighten Up And Fly Right, Capitol 154, VG-. $2
King Cole Trio: You Don't Learn That In School/Meet Me At No Special Place, Capitol 393, E-. $3
GENE AMMONS (Mary F. Graham-v.). My Foolish Heart/Bless You. Chess 1425 V- wol ld (the first release on the Chess label) $8
GENE AMMONS. Fuzzy/Traveling Light. United U-185 E+/NM $8
COUNT BASIE AND HIS ORCHESTRA. Feedin’ The Bean/I Do Mean You. Okeh 6180 E- rf nap $4
COUNT BASIE AND HIS ORCHESTRA (James Rushing/Helen Humes-v.) .I Want A Little Girl/It’s Torture. Okeh 5773 V/V+ $4
GEORGE BARNES SEXTET. Lover Come Back To Me/Pink Elephants. Keynote K-652 E+ tape on label $8
BUNNY BERRIGAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA (Sue Mitchell-v.). The Image Of You/I’m Happy Darling, Dancing With You. Victor 25587 G+/V- $3
BOOTS AND HIS BUDDIES (Celeste Allen-v.). I Like You Best Of All/Jealous. Bluebird B-6862 E/E- $8
DON BYAS ALL STAR QUARTET (Johnny Guarnieri-p.). Avalon/Blue And Sentimental. Jamboree 905 E/E- Small scr side B $4
CAB CALLOWAY AND HIS ORCHETRA. Peckin’/Manhattan Jam. Variety VA 612 V/V- $6
CASTLE JAZZ BAND. Farewell Blues/I’ve Been Floating Down That Old Green River. Castle Records No. 9 E- $5
CHRIS CONNOR. I Miss You So/My Heart Is So Full Of You. Atlantic 1105 V+ to E- wol $4
JUNIOR DANIELS (w/ The Al Haig Trio). The Lamp Is Low/Autumn Serenade. Discovery 507 E+ $5
DUKE ELLINGTON AND HIS ORCHESTRA. Stevedore Stomp/Harlemania. Bluebird B-6306 V $4
DUKE ELLINGTON AND HIS ORCHESTRA. Cocktails For Two/Live And Love Tonight. Victor 24617 V+ $5
COLEMAN HAWKIN’S ORCHESTRA. It’s The Talk Of The Town/Stuffy. Capitol 205 E rf nap $5
ERSKINE HAWKINS AND HIS ORCHESTRA (Asa A. Harris-v.). Remember/Tippin’ In. RCA Victor 20-1639 E/G+ $4
ERSKINE HAWKINS AND HIS ORCHESTRA (Jimmy Mitchelle-v.). Nona/I Know A Secret.Bluebird B-10979 V/V+ rf nap $4
EARL HINES AND HIS ORCHESTRA. Boogie Woogie On St. Louis Blues/ Number 19. Bluebird B-10674 G+ $3
JOHNNY HODGES AND HIS ORCHESTRA. You Can Count On Me/Kitchen Mechanic’s Day. Vocalion v4917 V to V+ $6
ILLINOIS JACQUET, “SHORTY NADINE”, LES PAUL w/ JACK MCVEA, J.J. JOHNSON, JOHNNY MILLER & LEE YOUNG. Jazz At Carnegie Hall (Part 2, Vol. 1): Blues/Lester Leaps In. Arco 1232 E- $8
STAN KENTON (June Christy-v.). How High The Moon/Interlude. Capitol 15177 E- $4
ANDY KIRK AND HIS CLOUDS OF JOY(June Richmond-v.). Then I’ll Be Happy/Dunkin’ A Donut. Decca 2723 V+ $5
GENE KRUPA’S ALL STARS. Swing Is Here/I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music.Blue Ace 231 E 1” rc wol $1

78s - Popular Vocals (Prewar):
FRANCES ALDA. By The Waters Of Minnetonka. Victrola 64908 E+ $3
ALL STAR TRIO. Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere/My Wonder Girl. Brunswick 2052 E/E+ $5
BARBARA BROWN/& JOHNNY FRANK. I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm/Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile!). Varsity 128 V+ to E- $5
ALBERT CAMPBELL & HENRY BURR. Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You. Silvertone 46207 V $5
FOUR KING SISTERS (w/ The Rhythm “Reys”). Oh, How I Miss You Tonight/Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me). Bluebird B-11511 V+ $5
EDWARD JOHNSON. Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still. Victrola 64839 E+ to NM- $5
BILLY JONES-ERNEST HARE/AL BERNARD. Say It With A Ukelele/Me No Speak-a Good English. Okeh 40040 G+ rc 10g $1
JOHN MCCORMACK. Mother Machree. Victrola 64181 E+ $3
ERNESTINE SCHUMANN-HEINK. Thy Beaming Eyes. Victrola 87288 E+ $3

78s - Dance Bands & Pop Orchestras:
AMBROSE AND HIS ORCHESTRA. Hors D’oeurvres/Streamline Strut. Decca 500 E $8
THE AMBASSADORS. That Old Gang Of Mine/Foolish Child. Vocalion 14674 E- shiny $5
BOB CHESTER AND HIS ORCHESTRA (Betty Bradley/Gene Howard-v.). He’s My Guy/By The Light Of The Silvery Moon. Bluebird B-11562 E- $5
BOB CHESTER AND HIS ORCHESTRA (Dolores O’Neill). Old, Old Castle In Scotland/Talkin’ To My Heart. Bluebird B-10916 E- $5
FRANCIS CRAIG AND HIS ORCHESTRA. In The Middle Of The Night/Ting-A-Ling. Columbia 649 V+ $3
HAL DAVIS AND HIS ORCHESTRA. You Fit Into The Picture/I Believe In Miracles. Bluebird B-5795 V+ $5
DIXIE MARIMBA PLAYERS. Jeannine/Someday, Somewhere. Conqueror 7138 looks E Shiny but has bumps in wax $5
WILLIE FARMER AND HIS ORCHESTRA (Ann Seaton-v.). Sun Showers/Your Broadway and My Broadway. Bluebird B-7024 E- $7
NATHAN GLANTZ AND HIS ORCHESTRA (Bobby Dixon-v.) One More Night/An Old Guitar & An Old Refrain. Broadway 981 V to V+ $7
IMPERIAL DANCE ORCHESTRA (Arthur Fields-v.). The Stein Song/THE HOME TOWNERS: What A Funny World This Would Be. Banner 0626 E $7
DICK JURGENS AND HIS ORCHESTRA (Buddy Moreno/Harry Cool-v.). San Antonio Rose/My Sister And I. Conqueror 9626 E- $7
BENNIE KREUGER’S ORCHESTRA. I’ve Got My Habits On/School House Blues. Brunswick 2181 E-/E $8
ARTHUR LANGE’S ORCHESTRA/THE CAROLINERS. Land Of Cotton Blues/No, No, Nora. Cameo 602 V+/V $8
MARIMBAPHONE BAND. At The Cotton Pickers’ Ball/There’s A Lump Of Sugar Down In Dixie. Columbia A2550 V+ $6
RENE MUSETTE ORCHESTRA. Cuckoo Waltz/Short Cut Cutie. Standard T-2062 V+ 2g rf Side A $4
OZZIE NELSON AND HIS ORCHESTRA (Rose Ann Stevens/Ozzie Nelson & Harriet Hilliard-v.). Leanin’ On The Ole Top Rail/Three Foot Skipper Jones. Bluebird B-10499 V+ $6
OZZIE NELSON AND HIS ORCHESTRA (Rose Ann Stevens/Ozzie Nelson-v.). Strange Enchantment/That Sentimental Sandwich.Bluebird B-10196 E- $6
NEWPORT SOCIETY ORCHESTRA. All By Myself/Mimi. Vocalion 14210 V/V+ $5
ORIOLE DANCE ORCHESTRA/BILLY JAMES’ DANCE ORCHESTRA (Chas. Dickson/Harry Crane-v.). I Can’t Give You Anything But Love/Nobody Knows. Oriole 1319 V small rc, nap $4
NICHOLAS ORLANDO’S ORCHESTRA. Kentucky Dream Waltz/Velvet Lady-Medley Waltz. Victor 18539 E $5
REILLY-FARLEY and their ONYX CLUB BOYS (Mike Reilly-v.). The Music Goes ‘Round And Around/Lookin’ For Love.Decca 578 G+/V $4
TODD ROLLINS AND HIS ORCHESTRA (Chick Bullock-v.). Take A Lesson From The Lark/The Boogie Man. Melotone M 13044 V- $5
THE SAXO-PIANO PHIENDS. Under The Honeymoon/In The Land Of Rice And Tea. Pathe’ 22300 E- $6
MAXINE SULLIVAN AND HER ORCHESTRA. Loch Lomond/I’m Coming Virginia. Vocalion 3654 V+ $5
VICTOR SALON ORCHESTRA. Eleanor/Out Of The Dusk To You. Victor 20176 E- $4

Nat "King" Cole w/ Johnny Green Conducting the MGM Studio Orchestra: Raintree County/With You On My Mind, Capitol 3782, VG to VG+. From M-G-M Motion Picture. $3

7-INCH POP 78s
Halley Sisters //Patty Kay: Rock Love/Danger-Heartbreak Ahead, Prom 1108, VG-. 7-inch 78rpm. $5

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